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Australian Rowing at the
World Rowing Under 23 Championships

History of the Regatta

The concept of this regatta was first mooted in the early 1970s. The competition is a showcase for tomorrow's champions and is open to all athletes under 23 who have not won a medal at the Olympic Games or Senior World Championships.

On 20 July 1975 delegates from Belgium , France, Italy and Switzerland who conducted a male-only competition called the Match des Quatre Nations, plus two other federations, met in Italy to discuss the notion of providing international competition to athletes of the "second level". It was decided a new class of competition had to be developed so that younger athletes could compete against peers of similar age and experience. This class was initially called debutantes, and was later changed to Senior B.

As more federations joined this competition, name changes followed including Match des Cinq Nations and Match des Six Nations. In the late 1970s, the name Match des Seniors was coined. This was a difficult decision as the first competition was held in Macon, France. In French, "seniors" means "old boys"!

Until 1979 the competition was run under the supervision of an honorary general secretary and since then, by an international committee. In 1992 it was decided to give the competition a more generic name and it was changed to Coupe des Nations, or the Nations Cup. The first Nations Cup regatta was held in 1994. By 1996, some 34 member federations of the Nations Cup competed, with every continent represented.

The Nations Cup continued until 2004 when the regatta came under the auspices of FISA and became the FISA World Under 23 Regatta. From 2005 it has become known as the World Rowing Under 23 Championships.



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