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1996 Nations Cup—
Hazewinkel Belgium

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The regatta was conducted at Hazewinkel Belgium from 12-14th July 1996. Eight of the ten crews made finals and two crews won medals. The Australian Rowing magazine reported as follows:

"Team manager Michael Eastaughffe said the team was outstanding in their determination and manner and handed the unexpectedly high level of competition admirably. 'Looking at the longer term and from a development point of view, the lesson learnt by the team and the opportunity to compete in the top international level for their age will prove invaluable,' Eastaughffe said."

The following comments have been provided from the manager's report:

Women's Coxless Pair

This crew were finalists and were in a good position for a medal with 500 metres to go. However, they unfortunately could not keep pace with the German crew losing 3.68 seconds to them in this part of the race. Romania won the race very well.

Women's Double Scull

This crew rowed a very determined race finishing fifth and are to be admired for their focus and attitude. Realising that a medal chance in this race was going to be very difficult they were determined not to be disgraced.

E1: 1st GER, 2nd ROM, 3rd AUS, 4th SUI, 5th CZE
E2: 1st CRO, 2nd ITA, 3rd USA, 4th BEL, 5th GRE
E3: 1st AUT, 2nd FRA, 3rd GBR, 4th POR
Final B: 1st CZE, 2nd AUT, 3rd USA, 4th GRE, 5th GBR, 6th FRA
Final: 1st GER 7:01.08, 2nd ROM 7:03.85, 3rd CRO 7:06.99, 4th UTA 7:09.31, 5th AUS 7:17.35, 6th BEL 7:19.68

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

This crew showed good form throughout their training. Their preparation at Hazewinkel was a little disrupted with Jo Lips suffering from a minor chest infection. A bronze medal was a possibility for this crew but unfortunately it did not eventuate.

E1: 1st NED, 2nd CZE, 3rd RUS, 4th GBR, 5th CRO, 6th DEN
E2: 1st GER, 2nd ESP, 3rd AUS, 4th POL. 5th SWE
R1: 1st CZE, 2nd AUS, 3rd POL, 4th CRO, 5th DEN
R2: 1st ESP, 2nd RUS, 3rd SWE, 4th GBR
Final B: 1st SWE, 2nd POL, 3rd GBR, 4th CRO, 5th DEN
Final: 1st GER 7:04.72, 2nd NED 7:11.58, 3rd ESP 7:13.76, 4th AUS 7:16.75, 5th RUS 7:16.96, 6th CZE 7:22.19

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

This crew rowed in a Stampfli boat which was very difficult to set up with coach, Bob Bleakley, spending a lot of time on it. This was unsettling for the crew, and may have contributed to the B final result.

Men's Lightweight Scull

Andrew Broadfoot was very determined to do well in this event. However in the final, he didn't seem to settle down as well as he did in getting to the final and finished sixth.

Australian Team

Men's Double Scull - Fourth

Bow: Tristan Pascall (WA)
Str: Daniel Bishop (WA)
Cch: George Xouris (WA)

Men's Coxless Pair – Silver

Bow: Alistair Gordon (NSW)
Str: Dan Burke (NSW)
Cch: Hanspeter Madritsch (NSW)

Men's Coxless Four - Eleventh

Bow: Robert Douglas (VIC)
2: Sandy Maxwell (NSW)
3: William Tait (VIC)
Str: Simon Gadsen (VIC)
Cch: Frank Stone (VIC)

Men's Coxed Four - Fifth

Bow: Zac Kirkham (NSW)
2: Chris Hartley (QLD)
3: Jamie Rowe (QLD)
Str: Mick Ovcaric (QLD)
Cox: Michael Toon (QLD)
Cch: Tom Jack (QLD)

Men's Lightweight Single Scull - Sixth

Andrew Broadfoot (VIC)
Cch: Chris O'Brien (VIC)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull - Twelfth

Bow: Anthony Cook (QLD)
Str: Glenn Mill (QLD)
Cch: Bob Bleakley (QLD)

Men's Lightweight Four - Gold

Bow: Tom Atkins (WA)
2: Glen Loftus (WA)
3: Robert Mitchell (NSW)
Str: Michael Wiseman (NSW)
Cch: Gavin Russell (WA)

Women's Double Scull - Fifth

Bow: Dana Faletic (TAS)
Str: Anna Tree (SA)
Cch: Uwe Bender (SA)

Women's Pair - Fourth

Bow: Jodie Winter (NSW)
Str: Kathleen Burke (NSW)
Cch: Hanspeter Madritsch (NSW)

Women's Lightweight Double Scull - Fifth

Bow: Kisahn Lamshed (SA)
Str: Josephine Lips (SA)
Cch: Uwe Bender (SA)

Manager: Michael Eastaughffe (SA)
Doctor: Dr Ian Beltz (TAS)
Selectors: Dr John Rynne and Barbara Fenner

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four

Men's Lightweight Four

Str: Michael Wiseman, 3: Robert Mitchell, 2: Glen Loftus, Bow: Tom Atkins
The four members of this crew had abundant natural ability and a great work ethic. Their performance was first class, and their committment could not be questioned. A special mention to their coach, Gavin Russell, who on his first performance as a National Coach won a gold medal.

Men's Coxed Four

This crew was very strong and continued to improve throughout their training. Once at Hazewinkel, they seemed to be more "switched on" and their improvement in that period alone was significant. Their effort in the final in finishing fifth was was very determined.

Men's Coxless Four

As stated earlier, this crew appealed the decision that originally excluded them from the Team and then they were given the opportunity to qualify through a test race. Whether this additional pressure eventually had a effect on them is hard to say. The crew had a good first 1,000 metres, but they could not maintain the effort in the third 500. Their good finishing was unfortunately too late and an eleventh placing resulted.

Men's Coxless Pair

If you can say a disappointing result is a silver medal, it is in this case. Throughout the regatta this pair just looked so far ahead of its competition that the gold medal was more than a strong possibility. In the end they missed gold by 0.00.18 second.

Men's Double Scull

This crew was a big improver during the tour. They had good early speed and were very keen to do well. They went very close to making the A final and the crew was looking for a better result in the B final. The crew had an interupted preparation but on arrival in Hazewinkel became quickly focused and the improvement was quite noticable.

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