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2014 World Junior Championships photo gallery

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2014 Men's Junior Scull

Tom Schramko

2014 Men's Junior Double Scull

Bow Tyron Boorman, Stroke Adam Bakker

Men's Junior Double Scull

2014 Men's Junior Coxless Four

Bow Michael Ritchie, 2 Zac Von Appen, 3 Callum Rossi,
Stroke Sean Murphy

2014 Men's Junior Coxed Four

Bow Angus Robinson, 2 Lachlan May, 3 Angus Beckingsale, Stroke Andrew Judge and cox Thomas McLellan

2014 Women's Junior Scull

Amanda Bateman

2014 Women's Junior Double Scull

Bow Georgia Seidel and Stroke Bridget Badenoch

2014 Women's Junior Four

Bow Tyler Ferris, 2 Kathryn Rowan, 3 Eloise Parker and
Stroke Miller Ferris

2014 Women's Junior Eight

Bow Madeleine Bernard, 2 Jacqueline Hart, 3 Olivia Keppell, 4 Eleanor Howe, 5 Chloe Betts, 6 Rebecca Joyce, 7 Elise Franetic, Stroke Lucy Jepson and cox Eliza Lincoln-Price


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