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1984 Lightweight World Championships
Montreal Canada - photo gallery page 1

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Men's lightweight four winning the National Championship

Left to right: Geoff Hunter, Brian Digby, Stuart Wilson, Rob Gardner, William Digby

Men's lightweight four training



Men's lightweight four racing



Gold medal Spanish men's lightweight four



Australian men's lightweight eight

Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Merrick Howes, 3: Russell Hookway, 4: Charles Bartlett, 5: Ian Jordan, 6: Bruce House, 7: Peter Antonie, Str: Steven Spurling, Cox: Dale Caterson

Men's lightweight four at a civic reception in Geelong

Left to right: William Digby, Rob Gardner, Geoff Hunter, Stuart Wilson, Brian Digby

Men's lightweight four training

Regatta scene



Presentation of men's lightweight four medals



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