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Australian University Championships
Mixed Four

This is a recent event which is raced over 1000 metres with equal numbers of males and females.


Australian Universities' Mixed Four Race
Year First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
2004 Western Australia Melbourne ANU Sydney Adelaide ADFA
2005 Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Western Australia Macquarie New South Wales
2006 Macquarie Sydney Melbourne Monash New South Wales ANU
2007 Macquarie Melbourne Sydney Western Australia New South Wales Adelaide
2008 Melbourne Sydney ACPE Macquarie Newcastle Monash
2009 Queensland Sydney ANU Melbourne Macquarie Monash
2010 Melbourne Western Australia Sydney NSW Monash ANU

Final cancelled - Heat winners Melbourne and Adelaide

2012 Adelaide ANU Western Australia RMIT Newcastle Monash
2013 ANU Sydney Deakin Australian Catholic Monash La Trobe
2014 ANU Sydney UTS New South Wales Newcastle Western Australia
2015 Sydney ANU Adelaide UTS Melbourne Monash


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