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1964 Australian University Championships—
Huon River, Franklin TAS - Men

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The men's Championships were conducted on the Huon River on 30th May. The Challenge Cups were presented to the winning crews by His Excellency Lt-Gen Sir Charles Gardner, KCMG, KCVO, KBE CB, the Governor of Tasmania.

The eights were raced over 3 miles whilst the sculls and lightweight fours over 2000 metres.

There were no Championships conducted in 1965 due to unruly behaviour of the participants at this regatta. It appears that certain undergraduates may have gone too far at this regatta.



Host: University of Tasmania

Umpires: Geoffery Forbes Sorell & Charles B Needham

Starter: D Large

Judges: A Timbs, A Hay, Frank Fazackerley, P Cox, M Sorrell, S Hammons & I Short

Weights: Ian Elrick

Timekeepers: Ray Trousselot & Charles B Needham

Commentator: Reg Blundstone

Organising Committee: P Overell (Secretary), D Gannon (Club Captain), P Anderon, A Calvert, M Dayan, B East, O Schellenberg, D Thompson, T Whyte

Men's Scull

Time: 7 mins 15 secs
Margins: 4.5 & 6.5 secs

1st University of Queensland - Jack Bennett
2nd University of Western Australia - John Yuille
3rd Sydney University - Gordon Rich
4th University of Tasmania - William "Bill" Trousselot
5th University of New South Wales
- Gary Toomey

Jack Bennett from the University of Queensland

Men's Eight

Time: 15 mins 39 secs
Margins: 5.4 & 22.6 secs

1st Sydney University - Bow: Kim Santow, 2: David Roxburgh, 3: Steve Streber, 4: Jim Roxburgh, 5: David Barling, 6: Alan Ashburner, 7: Paul Hyman, Str: Phil Harris, Cox: Lee Wunderlich, Cch: Eric O Longley, Emergs: John Matheson & Dennis Rowe
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Peter R Martin, 2: A B Troedel, 3: John F Gurry, 4: James S Robson, 5: J William Dobson, 6: G A Johnson, 7: William R Stokes, Str: Chester S Keon Cohen, Cox: G J Pullen, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson, Emergs: A H Bainbridge & W Jim McMeckan
3rd University of Western Australia - Bow: Gavin L Bonning, 2: J E Dawkins, 3: J R Tompkins, 4: P J Chivers, 5: M F Clancy, 6: Arnold H Drok, 7: B R Martin, Str: Andrew H Burbidge, Cox: G P Bagley, Cch: Neil L Marsh, Emergs: M P Bond & M W Sanderson
4th University of Queensland - Bow: I Leslie, 2: Phillip Clutterbuck, 3: I Carlisle, 4: P Garske, 5: C Bartlett, 6: J Corbett, 7: Anthony Elliot, Str: John Richard Lyndon, Cox: W Bennett, Cchs: R B Scott & Wilf B Mole
5th Adelaide University -Bow: Roderick Geoffrey Hoad Baker, 2: Allen Robert Lyne, 3: D J Rowe, 4: William E Hay, 5: Andrew Thomas Ramsay, 6: Wyatt Roderic "Jack" Hume, 7: Paul Anthony Gunson, Str: Dean Anthony Pritchard, Cox: Robert David Lawson, Cch: Roger L Leach, Emergs: Dean E Clayton & Charles William Douglas
6th University of Tasmania - Bow: Tim J Whyte, 2: D R Gannon, 3: M Dayan, 4: G R Young, 5: D C Thompson, 6: O U Schellenberg, 7: R J Gee, Str: Robert Marcus Bennell Jessup, Cox: Ashton T Calvert, Cch: D F Clark, Emerg: B G Hodgson
7th Monash University - Bow: John R McWilliam, 2: Nick B Sanders, 3: J Anthony Fox, 4: David F Apps, 5: Michael F McKennna, 6: James L Bradfield, 7: Robert A McDonald, Str: Warwick B Hutchins, Cox: David W Tickner, Cchs: Robert R Aitken & Norman W Cairnes, Emerg: Terry W Swalwell
8th University of New South Wales - Bow: Peter Tanner, 2: Peter McEwan, 3: Tim Duval, 4: Geoff Beacher, 5: Colin Sutton, 6: Paul Blackall, 7: Peter Robson, Str: Darcy Marr, Cox: Geoffrey Cohen, Cch: Hugh Chalmers

1964 AUBC Eight

1964 Adelaide University Eight

Bow: R G H Baker, 2: A R Lyne, 3: D E Clayton (emerg), 4: W E Hay, 5: A T Ramsay, 6: W R Hume, 7: P A Gunson, Str: D A Pritchard, Cox: R D Lawson

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6 mins 49 secs
Margins: 9 & 10 secs

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Peter G Habersberger, 2: Brian R Speed, 3: Peter A McC Doyle, Str: Geoff A Park. Cox: Bernie T Buttery, Cch: Keith A Bilney, Emerg: R W Fletcher
2nd Adelaide University - Bow: Anthony Bronte Pannell, 2: Jurgen Chominsky, 3: David Edmund Brooks, Str: Richard Edward Bolt, Cox: Peter James Taylor, Cch: Roger Moore, Emergs: Robert Gwyn Morgan & Donald Frederick Howell
3rd Sydney University - Bow: Ross Sillar, 2: Phil Titterton, 3: George Bawtree, Str: David Holt, Cox: Vin Bettington, Cch: John Matheson, Emerg: Tim Nelson
4th University of Tasmania - Bow: J G P Overell, 2: B M East, 3: P L Williams, Str: Ian R Winter, Cox: J Lohrey, Cch: P N Anderson, Emerg: E Burgess
5th University of Western Australia - Bow: Ross L Playle, 2: Ian P Evans, 3: Robert W Lawson Smith, Str: David A Cameron, Cox: A John Mellor, Cch: William R Burbidge, Emerg: Ted H Sharp
6th University of Queensland - Bow: P Coyne, 2: R McInyre, 3: M O'Shea, Str: John Hugh Major, Cox: D Robinson, Cch: J Murphy, Emerg: B Potter
7th University of New South Wales - Bow: Richard Schmidt, 2: M Barge, 3: Robert Roden, Str: Timothy Harricks, Cox: Ronald Gardner, Cch: Rod Northam

Melbourne Unversity Lightweight Four

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