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1958 Australian University Championships—
Port River, Adelaide SA

The Championships were conducted over a three mile course on the Port River. The success of Melbourne University was finally broken win a strong win by Queensland.

A sculling championship was also conducted.

Index to Results:


Men's Scull

Time: Unknown

1st NSW University of Technology - William Hatfield
2nd Melbourne University - Jack Mulcahy

Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 48 secs
Margins: 4 and 3/4 length

1st University of Queensland - Bow: Ian Cook, 2: John Drewe, 3: Peter Jorss, 4: Brian Palmer, 5: Ian Mayers, 6: Peter Apel, 7: Barton Clarke, Str: Leith G Andrews, Cox: David Purdy, Cch: Eric Evers in Brisbane and John Michie in Adelaide
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Jon A Goodsall, 2: Phillip A J Roff, 3: David B Jones, 4: Colin E McDonald, 5: Michael "Taffy" R Jones, 6: D J Price, 7: P D H Heysen, Str: John R Colville, Cox: Peter H Manger, Cch: G Harvey Nicholson
3rd Sydney University - Bow: John R Clifton-Bligh, 2: Adrian J Lane, 3: Graham P Hurst, 4: Charles A Wood, 5: Richard G Palmisano, 6: Denis W Pidcock, 7: Allen "Spud" R Murphy, Str: Edward J Rowland, Cox: John Barrington "Jack" Ward, Cch: H Mervyn Perry
4th NSW University of Technology - Str: Donald B Curchod
5th University of Western Australia - Bow: P Booth, 2: J Kagi, 3: G Stafford, 4: M Vinnicombe, 5: Rory Argyle, 6: R Pearse, 7: B Mayberry, Str: Alan Bird, Cox: J O'Halloran
6th Adelaide University - Bow: Geoff D Burfield, 2: D G Jose, 3: Gerald Anthony Ryan, 4: Geoffrey Graham Northcote, 5: Jonathan Yeatman Hancock, 6: Timothy George Calvert Murrell, 7: Peter S Humble  Str: Peter Joseph Bishop, Cox: Richard Wyndham Watson


University of Queensland Crew




Sydney University Crew

(Inset H M Perry - coach)

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