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1935 Australian University Championships—
Lower Yarra River VIC

This Championship was conducted 8th June 1935 on the Lower Yarra River with all States present over the 2 1/2 mile course. The winning Sydney crew had to use the London boat as their boat was damaged a few days before the race in a storm. The London crew were visiting Melbourne as part of their centenary celebrations.


Men's Eight

Time: 15:17
Margins: Sydney won by 2/3 length from Melbourne, 4 to 5 lengths back to Tasmania with WA and Adelaide finishing close together. Queensland was a considerable distance further back.

1st Sydney University - Bow: Walter Thomas Garner Atkins, 2: Ian G Esplin, 3: John T Adamson, 4: Frank A Page, 5: Frank J Munro, 6: K S Blair, 7: William H Campbell, Str: Hugo K Dettman, Cox: N G Godfrey, Cch: R N McCulloch
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: D J M Dunn, 2: T W Vorrath, 3: Jack Ellis Newton, 4: D D Duffy, 5: G A Wood, 6: K F Cole, 7: Ron Jelbart, Str: C P Sherwood, Cox: C C Dyte, Emerg: P T A Foster, Cch: Alexander (Lex) L Rentoul, Selectors
3rd Tasmanian University - Bow: A B Watchorn, 2: F C Mitchell, 3: D J Barclay, 4: H M Lichells, 5: J McG Hood, 6: A W Briggs, 7: A Wherrett, Str: J S Davis, Cox: P T Stops, Cch: J J Edwards
4th University of Western Australia - Bow: A Shem, 2: Arthur R Noseda, 3: B Bailey, 4: R H Hannah, 5: Francis Le Soeuf, 6: Ronald T Anderson, 7: R Cox, Str: John A Wilkins, Cox: R Button Cch: William A Goland
5th Adelaide University - Bow: Robert William Richardson, 2: John Anthony Smeaton, 3: George Dixon Hubble, 4: William Glanville Chapman, 5: Murray Frew Bonnin, 6: James Rupert Magarey, 7: John Reginald Goode, Str: Thomas Ryall Goode, Cox: Gavin Walkley, Emerg: Allan James King, Cch: Robert Burns Cumming
6th Queensland University - Bow: William M McMaster, 2: Keith Noel Everal Bradfield, 3: George Brian Ferguson, 4: A D Weatherell, 5: Laurence Landsborough Holmes, 6: Allen Wilfred Higgins, 7: Ronald Henry Whale, Str: M W Mowat, Cox: Gustav John Percy, Emerg: John Louis Groom, Cch: Rev Mervyn Henderson

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