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1911 Australian University Championships—
Port River Adelaide SA

This was the first of four straight wins pre WWI for Melbourne but the margin was small - 1 1/2 lengths from Sydney. The race was conducted over a 3 mile course on 10th June 1911.


Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 29 secs
1 1/2 lengths
7 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: Cyril C Halkyard, 2: Samuel Percival Lyttle, 3: Arthur Frank Stanley Dobson, 4: Frederick Harold Moran, 5: Harold Rabling, 6: Jack Lindsay Doubleday, 7: Harry Ross-Soden, Str: Clive S Steele, Cox: Frank Llewellyn Gill, Cch: Charles Donald
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Dudley Williams, 2: Anthony T Cunningham, 3: Burton G Wade, 4: Leo B Heath, 5: Charles B Donaldson, 6: Paul E Voss, 7: Allan T Woodriff, Str: Alfred J Robson, Cox: John H Jones, Cch: Keith Williams
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Paul Charles Albert Fornachon, 2: Wilfred Windham Cooper, 3: Harold Houghton Swift, 4: Harold John Penny, 5: Ronald Melville Scott, 6: Cecil Thomas Madigan, 7: Charles Lempriere Abbott, Str: Arthur Lorimer Kennedy, Cox: Angus Salier Ferguson, Cch: Collier R Cudmore


Melbourne University

Back row: F H Moran, S P Lyttle, F L Gill, C C Halkyard, A F S Dobson
Front row: J L Doubleday, C S Steele, Harry Ross-Soden, H Rabling

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