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1902 Australian University Championships—
Port River Adelaide SA

The Port River got all three crews competing again with Melbourne taking an easy victory over the 3 mile course from Sydney then Adelaide. The race was conducted 14th June. The course was reported as being rough with a strong tail breeze.


Men's Eight

Time: 16 mins 44 secs
3 lengths
2 lengths

1st Melbourne University - Bow: John Arthur Hopkins Sherwin, 2: Alfred Arthur Hunt, 3: Marcus Bell, 4: Walter StG Sproule, 5: C R Kirkby, 6: Reginald J Lewis, 7: John Alston Wallace, Str: Henry Joseph Whiting, Cox: Kenneth Stuart Cross, Cch: Thomas Crosthwaite
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Bernard T Styles, 2: John C Close, 3: James W Heaslop, 4: Robert S Murray-Prior, 5: Lancelot E Woodcock, 6: Robert S Reid, 7: Joseph Coen, Str: Harold O Lethbridge, Cox: John K Osborne, Cchs: Allan C Purves, Herbert W Kendall and Stanley A Malin
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: Charles Lewis Jessop, 2: Lionel Wykeham Hayward, 3: Norman William Jolly, 4: Francis Gladstone Cowan, 5: Charles Augustus Edmunds, 6: Alfred Francis Stokes, 7: Melville Birks, Str: Charles Townshend Hargrave, Cox: Ronald Nickels Finlayson, Cch: Rev Charles Edmund Doudney


Melbourne University

Back row: A Sherwin, W S Sproule, J A Wallace, R L Lewis, M Bell
Front row: A A Hunt, T Crosthwaite, K S Cross, J H Whiting, C R Kirkby

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