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1900 Australian University Championships—
Parramatta River Sydney NSW

For the first and only time in the history of the University Championships, Melbourne University was not represented. Sydney had a comfortable win over Adelaide on the 3 mile Championship course on 2nd June.


Men's Eight

Time: 17 mins 1 sec
Margin: 54 secs

1st Sydney University - Bow: Edward B L Fitzpatrick, 2: William Hiller Gregson, 3: Austin G deL Arnold, 4: Harry M Stephens, 5: Herbert W Kendall, 6: Alfred L Vivers, 7: Wilfred H Dight, Str: Hubert J Gould, Cox: Henry S Weigall, Emerg: Harold O Lethbridge, Cch G A Vivers 
2nd Adelaide University - Bow: J Jessop, 2: Claude Bennett, 3: Francis Gladstone Cowan, 4: Melville Birks, 5: Hubert Basedow, 6: Francis Frederick Muecke, 7: Harold Chapple, Str: Julian Dove O'Connor, Cox: D Robert Osborne, Cch: Frederick Halcomb

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