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1897 Australian University Championships—
Parramatta River Sydney NSW

The Sydney crew recovered from the loss to Adelaide of the previous year with 4 length win over Melbourne. The race was conducted on the 3 mile Championship course on 22nd May 1897.


Men's Eight

Time: 18 mins 8 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st Sydney University - Bow: Rowan P Hickson, 2: P Griffith, 3: Henry J Deane, 4: Herbert W Kendall, 5: Alfred L Vivers, 6: David Cowan, 7: Norman F White, Str: George A Vivers, Cox: Harold W Weigall
2nd Melbourne University - Bow: Norman Albert Miller, 2: Hyam (Harold) Gabriel Morris Brasch, 3: George Edward Broughton, 4: Charles Frederick Belcher, 5: William Robertson, 6: Richard Alexander Kerr, 7: George Murray Black, Str: Hugh Edward Bullivant, Cox: Henry Gilbert, Emerg: Stanley Ernest Elder, Cch: George Upward
3rd Adelaide University - Bow: John Thomas Byrne, 2: Rupert Dufty Heggarton, 3: Edward Clyde Padman, 4: Julian Dove Connor, 5: Charles Digby Halcomb, 6: Walter Leslie Stuart, 7: George Conway Dow, Str: William Hay Gosse, Cox: Cecil Beaumont Marryatt, Cch: William Reynolds Bayly

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