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1954 Interstate Championships - photo gallery

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Aerial view of 1954 King's Cup race

Another view of 1954 King's Cup race

1954 winning King's Cup coach Norm Cairnes and stroke Brian Doyle


1954 SA King's Cup Crew

Bow: P T Crowe, 2: M P Tiddy, 3: Ian A Jamieson, 4: G T Brice, 5: Bryan S Draper, 6: K Burke, 7: William M Harvey, Str: F G O'Brien, Cox: A C Davis

1954 SA King's Cup crew in training

Bow: P T Crowe, 2: M P Tiddy, 3: William M Harvey, 4: G T Brice, 5: Bryan S Draper, 6: K Burke, 7: Ian Jamieson, Str: F G O'Brien, Cox: A C Davis - NB: the seating in this photo is not the final crew

1954 NSW team


1954 NSW King's Cup crew

1954 Tasmanian King's Cup crew

Bow: I A Moy, 2: J M Grace, 3: R C McQuilkin, 4: Harry C Wells, 5: R H O'Shea, 6: B W Law, 7: D E Heron, Str: Frank L Heron, Cox: C A Williams

Gerry Hubbard from WA

Barry Foster from Tasmania

1954 NSW Pair

Bow: William J Rodgers, Str: C Warwick Mahoney

1954 Tasmanian Pair

Bow: R H Stephenson, Str: H C Guest, Cox: Tom A Darcey

The start of 1954 King's Cup

The conditions were appalling at the finish of 1954 King's Cup


The winning Victorian King's Cup crew

Bow: Don M Christie, 2: Lloyd S Williams, 3: Adrian C Monger, 4: Warwick O Granowski, 5: Garth O V Manton, 6: W Neville Howell, 7: John S Rowe, Str: Brian J Doyle, Cox: J Bruce Mitchell

1954 Victorian King's Cup crew


1954 Civic reception


Gerry Hubbard from WA

The conditions at the finish of the President's Cup were no better than the King's Cup race

1954 NSW King's Cup Crew

Bow: Richard B Browne, 2: Ernie W Chapman, 3: Don R Palmer, 4: A John Rodgers, 5: Geoff Williamson, 6: David R Anderson, 7: Nimrod Greenwood, Str: Phil A Cayzer, Cox: Gordon S Parry

1954 Queensland King's Cup crew

Bow: R Anderson, 2: Ron Green, 3: J Ken Goswell, 4: G Shambrook, 5: M Maher, 6: Fred Jaques, 7: Robert (Bob) Barrett, Str: Ray Green, Cox: Ron Smithers

Peter Evatt from NSW

Barry Green from Queensland

1954 WA Double Scull

Bow: Les R Alp, Str: George Frizzell


1954 Queensland Women's Four

Bow: C Anderson, 2: J Dorrough, 3: J Green, Str: M Tierney, Cox: Mr J Smithers, Cch: Mr J Ken Goswell




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