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1936 Interstate Championships photo gallery

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1936 Program

1936 Course in Perth

NSW Sculler Cecil Pearce

WA Sculler Keith (Sprock) Langley

1936 NSW Eight

Bow: William G Thomas, 2: W H Campbell, 3: W L Buckham, 4: Jack T Fisher, 5: William J Dixon, 6: Duncan J Baggett, 7: Edward R Bromley, Str: John R Burrell, Cox: Douglas W Bowden

1936 Victorian Eight

Bow: Thomas Warburton, 2: J D Nielson, 3: J P L Appleby, 4: Max Gaskin, 5: J P Gaskin, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: A A Kelly, Str: Peter B Jelbart, Cox: J Cowling

1936 SA Eight

Bow: J R Goode, 2: Max J Richardson, 3: John C Williams, 4: F A Pinyon, 5: M F Bonnin, 6: W W Alexander, 7: William A McCann, Str: Alf J Gregory, Cox: Deb Earl

1936 WA Eight

Bow: Archie F Dobson, 2: C Clark, 3: G Farquharson, 4: A Reay, 5: Vic Shakespeare, 6: Francis (Frank) A W Le Souef, 7: Charles B Huggall, Str: Charles (Chook) S Liggins, Cox: F R Chisnell

NSW Women's Team Departing for Melbourne

NSW Women's Four in Melbourne

Bow: Alice Kennedy, 2: Jean Rae, 3: May Harvey, Str: Nea Walcot


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