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1934 Interstate Championships - photo gallery

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1934 Victorian Eight

Bow: F P Furlong, 2: J E Callaghan, 3: C W Welch, 4: S E Gugger, 5: Stewart J Elder, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: W Alf Lodding, Str: Les W Sullivan, Cox: A G Green

1934 NSW crew receiving instruction from coach Chris Kayser

Bow: Esme Riley, 2: Van Williams, 3: May Harvey, Str: Angela Mann, Cox: Alex Eddie, Cch: Chris Kayser

NSW Women's Four with young supporter

1934 Champions, New South Wales

1934 SA Eight

1934 Tasmanian Eight

Bow: A C Cresswell, 2: R G Richardson, Cec Gillham, 4: B G Jones, 5: Reg G Blundstone, 6: W A Oakes, 7: Str: C A Abbott, Cox: T Darcey

Members of NSW Women's Four depart for Championships

Start of Women's Four Championship


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