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1921 Interstate Championships photo gallery

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Souvenir porgramme issued by the Western Austra;ain Rowing Association to commemorate their win in the Men's Eight

1921 NSW Men's Eight

Bow: John (Jack) McQueen, 2: Cyril Callaghan, 3: Thomas McGill, 4: Gordon F Boyce, 5: George E Hancock, 6:George Robert McKay, 7: H C Taylor, Str: John J Lewis, Cox: W T Parker, Cch: Wally J Furlong, Emerg: Jack Cogle

James Barton, Victorian Sculler

1921 Tasmanian Men's Eight

Bow: C Burcide, 2: J Courtney, 3: P Wicks, 4: W Needham, 5: A Pitt, 6: Cecil McVilly, 7: Arch Robb, Str: C Dean, Cox: A Griggs, Cch: J Coogan Snr

Gordon Westbrook, Tasmanian Sculler

1921 Interstate Sculling Champion


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