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1894 Intercolonial Championships - Photos

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Program cover

Inside programme


The Victorian Crew

Bow: J Maher, 2: Charles Donald, 3: Charles W Horsburgh, 4: Alex B Sloan, 5: Harold Lindgren, 6: Edward Powell, 7: Alex Chamley, Str: James Donald, Cox: G F M Horsburgh, Emerg: J W Begg, Cch: W H T Davis
Source: Banks Rowing Club

The NSW Crew

Photograph appearing in The Sydney Mail, Saturday 26 May 1894.
Back L-R: A Holmes (Hon Sec RA), CL Quist (coach), AH Aldworth (4), HG Williams (emergency), W Goulding (bow), FC Moores (stroke). Front L-R: CR Keenan (3), GG Higgs (7), S Hellings (cox), A Ramsay (5), H Waters (6), EA Pearson (2)

The Oarmen's Picnic



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