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1966 British Commonwealth Games—
Kingston Jamaica

The Jamaican Games did not have rowing facilities and so the sport was not included in the programme. This was to the relief of the administrators of the sport and most rowers at that time as the vast funds required sending rowing teams for the limited competition proved the competition was not warranted.

The Commonwealth Games Federation web site reports:

"With the British Empire formally ended, the Kingston Games became the VIII British Commonwealth Games. There was a worry amongst the larger nations that Jamaica's infrastructure would not enable a successful Games delivery — but this proved to be largely unfounded.

"Controversially, also, the event programme was altered for the first time since 1950 with lawn bowls and rowing dropped and replaced with badminton and shooting instead."


Thirty-four nations competed in the Kingston Games sending a total of 1,316 athletes and officials.


The nine sports featured in the Kingston Games were athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, fencing, shooting, swimming and diving, weightlifting and wrestling.

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