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1927 APS Head of the River

The sixtieth Head of the River returned to the Barwon on 6th and 7th May where Scotch College won again into a slight head wind.

Wesley started as favourites after a good heat win and in the first part of the race gained a 1/2 length lead over Scotch then came Geelong. They extended their lead to one length at the half mile. Scotch then started to calw back the lead and the crews were nearly level with 250 yards to go. Scotch then passed Wesley and went on to win by 1/2 length.

The Fairbairn Cup was presented by Major Charles O Fairbairn.

The Scotch College win came at a good time having lost their fleet in the previous year when their host club Mercantile was burnt down. There were many donations to rebuild their fleet after the regatta.

The metropolitan schools second and third crews had their races on the Upper Yarra on 30th April over half a mile. The fourths raced on 5th May.



Starter: Major Speed

Umpires: T Crosthwaite, Edward Kenny and M H Wright

Judge: W Wright

Clerk of Scales: A Colenso

The view after the race

The Scotch College boat the "Edward Kenny" is brought home in victory

Head of the River

Time: 5:27.8 (course record)
Margin: 1/3 length and 1 length

1st Scotch College - Bow: David B Skewes, 2: W Russell Beattie, 3: Neil M R Lees, 4: William J R Wilson, 5: Samuel S McKay, 6: William G Ross, 7: Evan H Learmouth, Str: Thomas M Chisholm, Cox: William V M Bailey, Cch: Dr Charles W B Littlejohn
2nd Wesley College - Bow: K W Hecht, 2: P I Bennett, 3: A J Girdwood, 4:
R H Ebbott, 5: C F G Stagg, 6: R J D Turnbull, 7: J H G Castle, Str: H H Hadley, Cox: B E Coombes, Cch: Charles Donald
3rd Geelong Grammar - Bow: T C McKellar, 2: R G MacFarlane, 3: G P Fairbairn, 4: R G White, 5: P Wolfcarius, 6: W H Sherlock, 7: J A Caddy, Str: J M Robert, Cox: R R Andrew, Cch: William H Pincott

The stations drawn were:
South - GGS
Centre - WC
North - SC

A strong cross breeze delayed the start by a quarter of an hour as the starter aligned the crews. WC got the best of the start but by the half mile SC had the lead. SC and WC fought out the rest of the race within a half length of each other. SC eventually won by only 1/3 length in record time for the Barwon course.

Scotch College crew

Other crews were:
Xavier College - Bow: W M Ryan, 2: J W Andre, 3: K G Mahon, 4: C L Wraith, 5: T J Fogarty, 6: T J Kelly, 7: N G Whitehead, Str: T A Naughton, Cox: T J Joyce, Cch: Wilfred "Bill" Cahill
Geelong College - Bow: J A Reid, 2: H D Cumming, 3: A J M Sinclair, 4: F K Ferguson, 5: W M Troup, 6: R B Reid, 7: N L Philip, Str: D F Roadknight, Cox: J O Tait, Cch: C J Collyer
Melbourne Grammar
- Bow: A. P. Marshall, 2: W. M. Oak-Rhind, 3: B. J. H. Lewis, 4: A. Parish, 5: J. B. J. Osborne, 6: W. H. Stimson, 7: L. C. Parish, Str: A. T. S. Mann, Cox: F. C. Scarlett, Cch : C R Franklin

E1: 1st WC, 2nd MGS, Margin 1 3/4 length, Time: 5:48.4
E2: 1st GGS, 2nd GC, Margin: 1/2 length, Time: 5:47.0. An excellent race in which GC led for the first part of the race.
E3: 1st SC, 2nd XC, Margin: 1 3/4 length, Time: 5:48.0

Second Crews

(This race was not not conducted as part of the Head of the River regatta but on 30th April for Melbourne schools and 29th April for the Geelong schools)

Time: 2:55.0
Margins: 1 foot, 3 feet and 1/2 length

Metropolitan Schools regatta

1st Wesley College - Bow: W B Caldwell, 2: R A Greenham, 3: E E Hammond, 4: H C Raisbeck, 5: S W Belcher, 6: J W Rolfe, 7: E H Tederick, Str: D K Thomson, Cox: E Marks
2nd Scotch College
- Bow: N F Laidlaw, 2: D McIntosh, 3: I G Forbes, 4: W Robinson, 5: J Braid, 6: I K Whittaker, 7: E Whitlam, Str: R Hooper, Cox: unknown, Cch: Mr Tomlinson
3rd Melbourne Grammar
- Bow: W Sambell, 2: G Simpson, 3: D Carnegie, 4: A McCarthy, 5: D Lord, 6: A Pitts, 7: L Bevan, Str: J Campbell, Cox: J Cockbill
4th Xavier College
- Bow: D Flynn, 2: J Fanning, 3: R Cornell, 4: M Pearson, 5: J Moran, 6: P Whitehead, 7: C Youens, Str: J Samlin, Cox: R Duffey

Geelong Schools regatta

1st Geelong Grammar - Bow: D M Pittendrigh, 2: O M Faulkiner, 3: J G Fagan, 4: J C Guest, 5: P R Webster, 6: J G Bailey, 7: W R Pincott, Str: J C Warren, Cox: G M McMickray
2nd Geelong College
- Bow: A J Cato, 2: R Hennings, 3: J R Pyle, 4: G S Gray, 5: B Waugh, 6: D Bryce, 7: M Lamont, Str: J R Adams, Cox: C Fallow

Third Crews

(This race was not not conducted as part of the Head of the River regatta but on 30th April for Melbourne schools and 29th April for the Geelong schools)

Time: NTT
Margins: 3/4 length, 2 feet and 1 length

Metropolitan Schools regatta

1st Melbourne Grammar - Bow: W Hiscock, 2: P Hudson, 3: B Courtney, 4: J Wilmott, 5: H Teague, 6: H Thompson, 7: R Garran, Str: L Luxton, Cox: T Martin
2nd Wesley College
- Bow: R Brockett, 2: K M Carroll, 3: J P Wilson, 4: C M Wawn, 5: S Hosking, 6: A Jolly, 7: A Lord, Str: A J Campbell, Cox: J C Horsfall
3rd Scotch College
- Bow: A C Stewart, 2: C F Stewart, 3: S J More, 4: H C Fuhle, 5: T Powell, 6: T Mitchell, 7: D J Gilney, Str: W V M Bailey, Cox: R Cliff, Cch: Mr Tomlinson
4th Xavier College
- Bow: J Ryan, 2: J Mahon, 3: S Allen, 4: F Quigg, 5: E Hayes, 6: F Harney, 6: 7 Bourke, Str: J Gray, Cox: J Tehan

A very close finish on the Upper Yarra half mile course on 30th April. It was reported as being the best second crew race ever.

Geelong Schools regatta

1st Geelong Grammar - Bow: C J Robertson, 2: R G Swan, 3: F Taylor, 4: B A Croft, 5: W G L Cartwright, 6: B R Plante, 7: M D Mills, Str: J M Hardy, Cox: unknown
2nd Geelong College
- Bow: N Wettenhall, 2: K Edgar, 3: G Barr, 4: P McPherson, 5: A Mathieson, 6: N Fairlie, 7: M L Hirst, Str: R Whiting, Cox: C fallow

Fourth Crews

(This race was not not conducted as part of the Head of the River regatta but on 30th April for Melbourne schools)

Time: NTT
Margin: 3/4 length

1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Scotch College
- Bow: W V Stephen, 2: Watson, 3: Donald, 4: F. Moss, 5: Carroll, 6: Baker, 7: Vial, Str: W J M McCauley, Cox: Rose, Cch: C. L. Durant

Apart from the start, Melbourne led Scotch well throughout the race.

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